Pleasures By Estee Lauder


First whiff of Pleasures transports you to fresh green meadows of France. One can clearly imagine rows and rows of wild white flowers dancing against the greens. It exudes freshness like wild flowers and grass after rains. From the very first whiff it is pure pleasure.

Pleasures is one of the most memorable and least complicated fragrances I have come across. It is simply floral – A pure fresh floral fragrance without being too sweet or overwhelming. It captures the scent of soap and water on skin.

The top notes of Pleasures are White Lillis, Green Accents and Violets. Other notes are Lilac, White Peonies, and Jasmine. There is also a hint of Sandalwood and Rose*.The perfume is a perfect concoction with no floral note overpowering the other.

The fragrance gets soapy after an hour but I love the soft, fresh smell. It lasts 5-6 hours on my skin and even longer on my clothes.

It is perfect for warm, casual and lazy afternoons, but if floral scents are your thing, this fresh and delicate scent is ideal for any occasion and season.

The Bottle design is very simple yet elegant. The long, curved, clear transparent bottle with the matt silver cap compliments the fragrance.

Fresh, Sheer, Spirited and Luxurious, Pleasures is my favorite pick for any time of the year and I consider it my best buy. I would recommend it to everyone who likes to keep it simple and not experiment too much with their fragrance.

Todays Tip: Do not rub your wrists together post spritz. It changes the way the scent performs on your skin. It spoils the light-molecule top notes and you are literally bypassing the opening notes and going straight to the heart notes


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