Yosemite, The Winter Wonderland

I have been to the Yosemite Valley in Spring and I have been there in Fall, but nothing has left me more in awe of the Valley than its transformation in Winter.


Half Dome


Yosemite in winter is like stepping into the magical land of Narnia. The valley is wrapped in a snowy blanket with the gray towering granite peaks and the gushing waterfall in the background and the snow capped white trees scattered in the landscape.

There are lot of things to do for people who don’t like to do anything. Taking a stroll in the ‘No man has yet set foot on’ meadows right after a snowfall, braving the slippery trail to be covered in the mists of the bridal veil falls (falling a few times), starting a snow fight, catching fresh snow on tongue or simply clicking away on the camera capturing some exotic winterscapes.


Cook’s Meadow


Winterfell – At Half Dome Village

Just when you think you have seen everything stunning the valley has to offer, a turn around the corner and you will be greeted by another spectacular sight that will take your breath away.


Tunnel View

There are few places like the Winter Yosemite that offer greater fantasy landscapes and more profound solitude.


Bridge Of Serenity

If you have not yet visited the valley in winter, tis the season to pack up your bags and head into the winter wonderland

Visited on: 24 – 25 December 2016

Weather: COLD. 25 – 30 Degree Fahrenheit with snow showers.

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Tips: You will need layers of warm clothes, gloves, warm socks and cap. I wore my Columbia hiking shoes and they were fine for treading on the snow, but it would be great to have snow boots. Snow Chains are a must. (It was our first time driving on snow, and it was not half as difficult as we thought it would be).








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