The San Diego Life!

A long-awaited respite from the mundane. The much-awaited need to be insane.

And here we are, at San Diego, California’s Beach City and vacationer’s paradise with near-perfect temperatures and a laid back vibe that leaves us wanting for more.

When most people visit San Diego for the first time, they tend to stick to the downtown area, but you haven’t seen the real San Diego until you get out and explore the coast!


Torrey Pines Beach

The 70 miles of splendid coastline is the highlight of San Diego. The gorgeous white beaches, warm waters and stunning cliffs with breathtaking views – ah, it is every beach bum’s paradise.


La Jolla Cove

Our beach walks is my favorite part and the people watching is nothing short of fantastic.

Every stretch of the coast has a view that will leave you speechless, be it Del Mar, La Jolla, Pacific or Coronado, just pick one!


Torrey Pines Beach

There is so much to do and yet nothing to do. It is a rare place indeed where I can totally decompress and not feel any pressure to sight-see or check off activities.

The sheer cliffs, mysterious caves and tide pools come together for the perfect setting for a perfect sunset at the sunset cliffs.


Sunset at the Embarcadero


Some of my favourite things in San Diego: Mez cal drink are a must try and so is Mexican Food, the colorful and lively Fiesta de Reyes at the historical downtown, gaze at “Unconditional Surrender” – the backdrop of the setting sun makes it like a shot out of a retro romantic movie, The picture perfect setting of the light house at Point Loma, Pizza and happy hour drinks in little Italy.

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-09 at 1.42.23 PM

Lighthouse at Point Loma


‘Unconditional Surrender’ at the Embarcadero



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