J’adore By Dior (Eau de parfum)


Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated by J’adore. Every time I would walk into a perfume store and see the ads with the gorgeous golden bottle and even more gorgeous Claudia Schiffer, I would pine for a bottle of this juice for myself.


Now, my perfume shelf is a riot of fragrances and my prized bottle of J’adore was pushed behind by newer and fancier concoctions until a couple of days back, it caught my eye again. All it took was a lackadaisical sniff of the perfume to remind me why I loved it so much and this compulsive review is the result of that sniff!

J’adore celebrates the bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Damask Rose and Sambac Jasmine. Other noticeable notes are Tuberose, Magnolia, Plum, and Mandarin. There is also a hint of Musk, Vanilla and Blackberry. The perfume is a perfect concoction with no floral note overpowering the other

Despite having a list of flowers as the main notes, the fragrance is not overwhelmingly floral or sickly sweet. The white flowers blend beautifully with fruity notes and the warm musky base notes to create a fresh, smooth, luminous golden scent. The pale yellow, musky floral dry down of this perfume is my absolute favorite.

It has been my to-go fragrance and can be worn any time of the day and year. J’adore (Eau de parfum) has one of the best longevity that I know of. I can still get a faint dry down whiff of it on my skin by the end of the day and on my clothes even the next day! The Silage is exceptionally good too.

I know my crush on J’adore is going to be short-lived and the sensual amphora shaped bottle will be pushed back until I am ready to be blown away by this simple yet sophisticated potion again.

As common and overdone this scent, I am not embarrassed to fall in love with it time and again.

Now for today’s tip: A lot of women have complained about longevity of perfumes. ‘It does not last on me for more than an hour’ or ‘after an hour, I cannot smell it on me anymore’.  Well, when we first smell a fragrance, the scent receptors send a signal to the brain’s limbic system, which determines how we will process and feel about that particular scent. But the receptors in our nose essentially turn off after around two breaths, and the scent—no matter how strong initially—starts to fade.  So next time you want to test the longevity of your perfume, ask someone around you if they can still smell it!


Issey Miyaki L’eau d’issey (Summer EDT 2012)


What I really like about Issey Miyaki perfumes is the new editions it launches every season, and it keeps me and my nose ever inquisitive. Though I must admit every time I go to an outlet to pick up a bottle, I get a little paranoid as to what if the next edition is still better than this one? Almost all the L’eau d’Issey editions have my approval, be it the Florale, Noir, Summer or the Amber. There is generally very subtle difference in the scents from the original L’eau d’Issey, the theme almost always being the same – Fresh, Floral and aquatic.

This time around, I gathered courage (and funds) and finally decided to pick a limited edition bottle and as I had always liked this green and blue summery bottle, I bought the to Issey Miyaki L’eau d’issey (Summer EDT 2012)

The well known variant blatantly announces Summer. I love the way the bottle plays with transparency against the green opaque leafs. A light blue transparent bottle is wrapped with opaque, fresh green leaves, giving the bottle a very natural, tranquil and rain forest feel. The original shape of the Leau d’Issey bottle is retained.


It is difficult to describe the perfume without comparing it with its sister L’eau d’issey. The Fragrance can be described as fresh, aquatic and floral with hints of summer, grass and something else green.  The fragrance is very light, fresh and exhilarating. It is a very feminine scent and oozes elegance. The fragrance envelops you and lingers for hours making you feel fresh and confident. It feels like a splash of fresh fragrant water on a warm summer day.

The inspiration of this edition is desert, palms and tranquility. One can definitely smell the roses, melon, pear, peony and fresh cut grass in the top notes, more flowers along with fresh aquatic notes in the middle and citrusy, spicy and woody notes in the dry down.  Aquatic notes abound in freshness and energy, are in harmony with flowers, aromatic herbs, citruses, spices, wood and amber.

The staying power of the perfume is very good. It lasts for 3-4 hours on my skin and even longer on my clothes. I especially like to use this one during the day for its freshness and crispness. It just seems perfect for warm summery days.

I like this special edition even more than the signature L’eau d’Issey as it is more fresh and green and little less expensive than the signature scent.

Tip for today: Do not buy a fragrance by just smelling it on paper. Perfumes smell different on different people. On my shopping sprees, I generally make the first stop at perfume store and spray the juice I like, and continue my shopping. This way I can really experience all the notes on my skin before I actually commit to a bottle!

Pleasures By Estee Lauder


First whiff of Pleasures transports you to fresh green meadows of France. One can clearly imagine rows and rows of wild white flowers dancing against the greens. It exudes freshness like wild flowers and grass after rains. From the very first whiff it is pure pleasure.

Pleasures is one of the most memorable and least complicated fragrances I have come across. It is simply floral – A pure fresh floral fragrance without being too sweet or overwhelming. It captures the scent of soap and water on skin.

The top notes of Pleasures are White Lillis, Green Accents and Violets. Other notes are Lilac, White Peonies, and Jasmine. There is also a hint of Sandalwood and Rose*.The perfume is a perfect concoction with no floral note overpowering the other.

The fragrance gets soapy after an hour but I love the soft, fresh smell. It lasts 5-6 hours on my skin and even longer on my clothes.

It is perfect for warm, casual and lazy afternoons, but if floral scents are your thing, this fresh and delicate scent is ideal for any occasion and season.

The Bottle design is very simple yet elegant. The long, curved, clear transparent bottle with the matt silver cap compliments the fragrance.

Fresh, Sheer, Spirited and Luxurious, Pleasures is my favorite pick for any time of the year and I consider it my best buy. I would recommend it to everyone who likes to keep it simple and not experiment too much with their fragrance.

Todays Tip: Do not rub your wrists together post spritz. It changes the way the scent performs on your skin. It spoils the light-molecule top notes and you are literally bypassing the opening notes and going straight to the heart notes